And the Cracks Begin to Show~

Renard LeBlanc-

Something of an arch-nemesis to Darcy, Renard is a cool, collected, get-the-job-done-and-get-it-done-right, kind of guy. Hailing from Burgundy, France, he takes his work seriously and damn if he doesn’t do it well. Outside of work, he easily fits back into normal society. He may be rough around the edges and come off as cold at times, but underneath he is much warmer and cares very much for those who stick around long enough to get to know him. Originally close friends growing up, Renard and Darcy ended up working for the same, extremely secretive, branch of a large legal organization specializing in espionage. They worked as partners for some time but due to Darcy’s nature of wanting to break the rules and Renard’s of strictly following them, their morals clashed and ended in a brawl that left Darcy defeated and suspended for a short time while Renard was later given up and positioned as a spy for Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED). The two never made up and now the only thing they have left in common is wanting the death of the other. Putting the Frenchman at the top of his mental hit-list and swearing his revenge over the betrayal (as well as the scar on his face), Darcy finally got his chance to meet his friend-turned-foe a few years later when he was sent off to play Spy for Builder’s League United (BLU).

Enna O’Malley-

A wild, stubborn, hot tempered, pyro working for RED. The Irish woman is by no means someone to take lightly and shows herself to be just as sturdy and reliable on the field, if not more, than her other team members. Ever since their first encounter, Enna has proved to provide much entertainment for Darcy’s somewhat twisted and childish sense of humor. And, much like feeding a starved animal, he bothers her incessantly in hopes of starting up a fight or getting a reaction out of her. He always refers to them as “games” because to him, that’s what they are and whether or not he wins or loses means nothing as long as he has fun playing. And so far, she’s never disappointed him yet. To him she’s much like a toy that never breaks and never gets boring and he absolutely adores that. Her view on all this? It couldn’t be anymore on the opposite side if she tried.